How to Explain bombarde to a Five-Year-Old


To bombarde is to throw a bomb, to drop bombs on, to drop bombs on people. When you bombarde, you are throwing a bomb, you are dropping a bomb, and you are doing the bombing at the same time.

Bombarde is a tactic that dates back to the late 1800s when a handful of Japanese pilots used to drop bombs on targets. It became popular in the late 1920s and early 1930s as air raid drills became common at the time and became so popular that the Japanese began using it as a tool of war. But it’s also an incredibly effective tool of attack. Think of a high-explosive-powered bomb.

What you’re doing is targeting people, you’re dropping bombs, you are destroying people and killing them. What’s the difference? The difference is that you bomb people and you’re shooting people down. You’re doing it pretty much like a gun, and you’re shooting people down. You’re shooting people down but you’re killing them.

Well, it’s true, the bombarde is a pretty effective explosive weapon. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can get it to work as a weapon of attack, it could be pretty great. For example, you could take a normal bomb and you could change it into a cannon that shoots a deadly projectile. The bomb might be made out of iron, or it might be made out of plastic, or it might be made out of even more things.

No, its not like the bomb you get from a gun is a rocket that fires a missile or a cannon that shoots a projectile. It doesnt have to be like that. If you can make it work as a weapon of attack, you could change it into a shotgun that shoots a deadly projectile. A shotgun might be made out of steel, or it might be made out of copper or brass. Its all up to you.

It’s not a shotgun of course, but it might be. You could make it act as a missile and use it like a cannon to shoot a projectile. In this case you would have to make sure that the blast would do some damage. The problem is that you would have to do it in a very precise way, like a timed explosion, you might have to do this on a huge scale.

This is where the game becomes more difficult. You would have to carefully control the timing to make the blast as precise as possible. You would have to make sure that when you release the blast, the projectile would go where you wanted it to go. The more you make it precise, the more likely you would have to have a large explosion in order to kill your targets.

Most people wouldn’t be as hard on themselves, as the graphics would be more detailed and better rendered than they are in their current game. It’s important to know the details of how you release the blast so that it doesn’t appear too far away. These things, of course, are all on your side. If you do something like that, you might as well aim for your target first, and then release the blast. It’s a good thing you know what to do.

The goal of bombarde is to create an explosive blast that causes maximum damage with minimal effort. If you know what you’re doing, you can hit the targets at a decent distance without getting yourself blown up. And while the game isn’t the prettiest, it is the most powerful, and you should consider doing a lot of research before you do it.

It’s a bit more obvious what you’re doing when you put the bomb on a wall. But even then it’s easy to do. Just go to the nearest wall, look down, and you’ll see the big black ball. Shoot it with a bow and arrow and you’ve got yourself a pretty neat little bomb. And if you want to do it with no effort, you can do it by just holding down the button and aiming for the wall, then releasing the bomb when it explodes.



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