10 Things Everyone Hates About confederate flag pictures


I just love the confederate flag. So far, I’ve painted it on the side of a barn, a wall, and two cars. You could paint it on a billboard or a wall. I would recommend doing both.

The confederate flag is one of the most iconic flags of all time, and a symbol of the southern states’ efforts to secede from the USA. The flag is so iconic that it has become a symbol of a nation, a state, and a community.

Confederates are the best way to express the southern states efforts to secede from the USA. So, if you want to paint your confederate flag on the side of the barn, you can do it by yourself.

It’s also hard to know which one to use. The flag is a symbol of the southern states efforts to secede from the USA, so you could put it in a car and drive it around your neighborhood. I would not recommend this, however. While you could put it on a billboard or in a car, these symbols are powerful and will have a tremendous impact on your neighbors. I would recommend painting it in the side of a barn or in a window.

I think it is safe to say that the Confederate flag is not a common sight in any of our photos here at The Gist, but it is still a well-known symbol all over the United States and is a powerful symbol of the struggle for the right to be a free people.

I’ve been asked by a number of people to put up a “Confederate Flag” on the front of our website, but I’m afraid it would have the same impact as the flag in the side of a barn. It would be no more than a big red flag and there are a number of ways around that problem.

I think a lot of people are more interested in the symbolism behind the flag than the actual fact of the flag itself. I think the real problem is people confuse flag symbolism with the actual flag itself. Flags are just flags, right? So why would we want to make people think that that particular flag has any significance at all. I don’t care who makes the flag or how they decorate it, if they put the words ‘Confederate’ on it, it’s still a flag.

The confederate flag is a symbol of the war between the States for control of the southern United States. The flag is often used as a symbol for the Southern cause since many people see it as a symbol for the Confederacy.

It’s the confederate flag that is the oldest known flag. The first known flag was actually made in the 1800s, and is a design that was originally made for the American Revolution. The flag is a symbol of the South’s struggle. So the idea of a flag with a little Confederate in it doesn’t really make any sense. We’re not talking about some “Old South” flag, we’re talking about a flag that actually came from the South.

That is a really common misconception, but it is not true. The Confederate flag was originally a design for a flag that used the Stars and Bars as a symbol for the South. It was simply a version of the Stars and Bars that was used to decorate the American flag (which had been adopted as the national flag in 1777). It was made with the intention of being used as a symbol of the Confederacy, but in the end it was simply a symbol of the Southern cause.



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