The Biggest Problem With gloria arryo, And How You Can Fix It


When I was a kid, I loved to make my mom’s quesadillas. I used to make them just like her recipe, but instead of the “meat.” I would make the quesadilla meat instead of the filling. The fillings for my quesadillas were always something I had in mind. I would have a favorite version of each filling.

Gloria is our heroine. In Deathloop, she is the only one of the Visionaries who isn’t a party-loving party-girl. She is a scientist who was locked in a time loop for thousands of years, and then one day she woke up to find herself back where she started. Unlike other party-lovers, she doesn’t have a big ego.

Thats what made her so interesting. She didnt like being confined to her house, but she didnt mind being trapped there because she had always been free to change her mind and join the party. She didnt have a big ego either, at least not as far as I can tell. She just wanted to be free. She is the only one that says “I want to be free.



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