The Ugly Truth About has aaron rodgers ever won a superbowl


Yes, I have, and I have been on many many many many occasions when I think “I could win a superbowl”. And this, my friends, is why you should vote for aaron rodgers. He is the real deal. When you look at the video of him blowing the game away and hearing him talk about it afterward, it is one of the most inspiring, heartwarming, and most powerful things I have ever seen.

There is a lot of talk about how awesome aaron rodgers is, but it is even more impressive when you see how he did it. In the video, he’s the one who called out the ref during the game, and he is the one who ran the game and then took off running to the end of the field, not because he was afraid of the ref, but because he was afraid of the ref.

Rodgers is known for his amazing arm strength, but he was also known for his fearlessness. Throughout the game, he was always running back to the ref and taking off towards it. He wanted to show the ref that he could be the ref, that he was the man in the game. That this was real, and that the ref would not be afraid of him. He wanted to prove to the ref that he wasn’t afraid of him.

In our review of the Superbowl XLVI, we wrote, “Rodriguez is just such a great athlete, that he makes it look so easy. He’s that good.” But it turns out that the ref was afraid of him. This fear led to him being put on the bench, and then to a game where he couldn’t stop the ball. The ref was afraid of him. And he wasn’t the only one.

I don’t know what it is with all the people who are afraid of bein the ref. We seem to get these guys from time to time, and all they want to do is prove they can beat our refs. But they are just so afraid of getting beat that they can’t even move the ball into the end zone.

I think the reason is that they like to be the ref because they get to be the ref and they get to laugh at the other refs. It’s much more fun to watch than just see someone get beat.

And that’s one of the reasons it’s a superbowl. Because it is a fun, high-stakes game, and because beating refs is much more fun than just watching someone get beaten.

I think its funny that every time I talk about the game and ask people how they thought it was, all they want to do is talk about how they were just standing around and let the refs play free and easy. They have no clue that they are the refs. They just want to be the refs and laugh at the others. That is why they are afraid of getting beat. They are willing to let the refs do anything to avoid being beaten.

When you get beat, you are beaten. When you don’t get beat, you are beaten. That is the kind of cheating you are trying to have on yourself. You are going to be beaten in only a few years.



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