The 12 Best house vs home Accounts to Follow on Twitter


What we choose to call our home is often the biggest, most defining factor in our lives. Our home defines us and our sense of ourselves.

My boyfriend and I have a home of our own, but we’re very much a couple in that we both work different jobs. We have a place to stay, but the reason we have a place is because we have to. We can’t live in an apartment because it would be too cramped and we’d be too dependent on each other, which doesn’t feel good.

Home is often a place where we can spend time doing things we love. This is just as true for couples. For me, it would be difficult to imagine living apart, but maybe I am overthinking it. The important thing to remember when it comes to choosing a home is that the type of home we choose to call our home is just as important as our choice of a job.



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