is there male cows


Yes, there are! Just a few of the many cows around our beautiful farm. There are also chickens, sheep, goats, and horses.

We’re not sure what makes these cows so amazing, but they certainly are. The last time we took our cows for a walk, you can tell that we felt a connection to each of them like we’d known them for a lifetime.

Our cows are the most beautiful in the world and are almost always in beautiful colors. We’ve never even seen a cow that looks different as opposed to the colors of a human’s hair.

The cows are so lovely, we asked our neighbor who owns the farm to get an animal photographer to take a picture of her and her cows. They were so gorgeous, it was hard to look away. In fact, when my husband went to get a picture of his cows at the farm, he couldn’t bear to look away either, so he just kept looking and looking until he found his camera. You can’t really see them in the picture though.

Yes your right. The cows are definitely not as vibrant as humans.

The cows are not as vivid as your husband, but they are just as beautiful. They are so beautiful, you can almost see their heart.

Yeah, I noticed. I think you’re right. The cows have a lot less shine than humans, but they do have heart. They are much more intense.

A lot of people are in this camp. I have a friend who is a farmer and a couple of friends who are a couple of farm workers. I’m not sure if he’s an ‘er, but I think he is. He has one of the most beautiful cows in the world. I don’t know if he could do himself any good, but his face is very beautiful. He has a lot of beautiful cows, including a tiny one.

I was thinking that maybe some of the people in this camp are a little bit more introverted than others, so maybe the cows aren’t as interesting to them. Also, my friend’s girlfriend is a farmer, so perhaps she’s more like the farm worker camp. They’re all pretty nice people.

I think that is a bit of a stretch. Many of our camps do have a few interesting members, but we don’t have any female farmers. You will be surprised to hear that I am the only female.



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