10 Things You Learned in Kindergarden That’ll Help You With lauma animal


The Lauma Animal is an adorable animal that is an absolute cutie. He has an adorable and friendly face, and his bright blue eyes and shiny bright yellow tail are just what you would expect from a dog.

Even though he may not be a dog, he could easily pass as one based on the cuteness factor alone. Lauma is one of our most adorable animals, but as we learned in our video “Lauma Is Not a Poodle”, the Lauma animal is actually a hybrid between a small dog, a chinchilla, and a squirrel. The Lauma animal doesn’t actually look like a dog at all, which, when you think about it, seems like the most logical conclusion.

The main problem with Lauma animal is that he can’t be a hunter, because he’s not really a hunter. The Lauma animal has no sense of fear, and we’ve already tried to teach him to be a hunter, but that’s not even the point. He has no sense of humor, and we can’t help but think that he could be a killer, because he’s a hunter, and he’s not really a killer.

Weve already thought about a bit of the story, and weve got some of the key characters. Weve already started talking about Colt Vahn, because we haven’t actually heard of anyone else who would be playing this thing. But weve got a lot of other characters too, and weve got a whole new design, so we dont have to worry about losing anyone.



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