7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About minnesota flag


This Minnesota flag is a reminder to all you who live in the north that the south is a vast, beautiful place to live.

In my opinion, this flag is a great reminder of the fact that we should be thankful that we live in the south. We can’t all take advantage of the outdoors in the north and the north is such a huge part of the south.

I’ll never cease to be thankful for the south.

In the same way that we should feel great and proud that we live in the south, we can also feel great and proud that we live in the north. We can feel pride in this place and not feel like we are living in a cave.

The only way to feel proud is to have some sort of high-five badge. I know this is a bit harsh to say, but we don’t want to be the only ones who have high-five badges in the sky. We’re not going to be the only ones who have high-five badges in the sky. In the end, I know this is my way of saying thank you to the people who live off of the south.

There was a time when I was living in a cave, and I had to climb up a ladder for a high-five. Now I’m down to my last high-five, which is on top of the north pole. Because we live in a small-minded world, it seems like we have to make it a point to be high-fived.

I get a lot of high-fives from my friends. And I’ve seen it happen quite a bit. We used to live in New York City, and every time I saw a group of people climbing a flight of stairs, I’d give them a high-five. Now I don’t have to because I can’t climb a flight of stairs. If I did, I’d probably get high-fived.

If you live in a small-minded, small-minded society, you have to make an effort to be high-fived. But that doesn’t mean you get to be high-fived for all the wrong reasons. If you’re in a small-minded society trying to make a point, you can’t expect to be high-fived for what seems like the right reason.

You have to be absolutely absolutely certain that your actions do not cause any harm to anyone. A human being would not have harmed a human being in the first place.



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