Will nero claudius drusus Ever Rule the World?


This is a bit of a stretch for me, but I thought this was a very cool, very detailed story from my own life. Nero Claudius Drusus was the emperor of Roman Imperial Rome. A very powerful man, Nero Claudius was also a very intelligent man and a man who understood the value of knowing your enemy.

Drusus, or Drusus, as he was often called, was ruthless and cruel. He ruled the Roman Empire, but his cruelty was not limited to his empire. He also went after all the women of his time. Drusus was the first emperor to take on the rule of the emperor of the Roman Empire’s next oldest sons. He also conquered the eastern Roman Empire and the province of Asia.

Drusus wasn’t the first emperor to rule the Roman Empire, but he was the first to use such a method to conquer another part of the Roman Empire. He’s also one of the first leaders to actually use torture to get what he wanted. Drusus also had an empire that covered the whole of the Roman Empire, as well as the entire Mediterranean basin and part of the Greek world.

Nero was responsible for the destruction of the eastern Roman Empire and the province of Asia, as well as the death of the last emperor of the Roman Empire. Drusus may have had the most important empire as well as the most important empire of all time, but I think if you’re looking for the greatest empire ever, you might have to go with something smaller which was also a Roman Empire. I’m not sure if you can call a Roman Empire that was a republic as a republic.



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