The Urban Dictionary of plural of platypus


Our species also goes by the name platypus. A platypus is a small, cute, mostly blue mammal that lives in the Amazon rain forest. Platypus may look like a small mammal, but it is an entirely different animal with a very different life. Just like the majority of mammals, platypus have a very large head with a small, round face and tail. It has a very short, flat body measuring about the size of a soccer ball.

The biggest difference between a platypus and a human platypus is that platypus have their tails cut off. It is a permanent difference, unlike humans, who can grow or shed their tails as they choose. Platypus also have a very different way of thinking than humans. The platypus has very distinct ideas about the world compared to humans. It is much more flexible than humans and can change its mind very quickly as needed.

The platypus is one of the best-known animals on earth. While platypus have been known to live for tens of thousands of years, they are considered to be only about 120,000 years old. It’s believed that they came to the Americas around 13,500 years ago. So they are around the same time as humans were just two million years earlier.

This is the same time period humans were on Earth, so it is not possible that humans and the platypus have much in common. Humans and platypus have a lot in common though. They both have the same kind of body and they both can live in caves. But platypus are much more intelligent than humans. According to scientists, the platypus is the most intelligent animal on earth.

They can live in caves if they want. It is said that they can change their mind by having sex and have sex with someone else. This might not be possible for humans, but it may be possible for the platypus to have sex with a person who has lost their mind.

The fact that platypuses can think is a big deal because they are the only animals that can do this. So it’s pretty awesome that they’re able to change their minds. Maybe we’ll see platypuses saving the world in the near future.

The platypus has been known to have sex with other platypuses and other animals, but the main reason theyre so special is because they can actually think. In a nutshell, they have been capable of changing their minds by having sex. In the same way, the platypus can learn new skills and abilities by having sex.

So, why didn’t Platypus change their minds, or at least not kill any of the Visionaries, after they saved them? Well, maybe they were just tired. Then again, maybe they just had fun. Its also possible that they were drunk and just sort of lost their minds, like a drunk who doesn’t care about the consequences of drinking.

So if you’re a big fan of the platypus, you can be sure that it has done exactly that, and it is quite likely that they had a good time doing it. If you’re not, you will most likely be disappointed when you find out what it is like to be a platypus.

When you find out about the plural of platypus, you will most likely be most disappointed. It is quite likely that it was not your idea, and you will most likely be disappointed when you learn why it is that you were disappointed.



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