Don’t Make This Silly Mistake With Your rat bat


This rat bat is the perfect size for a cactus plant. It was a gift from a friend that was planted in my front yard while I was in the middle of a renovation project. I was in the process of designing my new home, and I wanted to make sure that it was as beautiful as the plants that were already growing there. Then I planted this bat and it looked so cute and cute.

So cute that it actually came out and lived in my front yard. This was really the most amazing thing that happened in this video. It’s not just the fact that it’s a bat, but how cute it is. Every time it moves, it looks like it’s about to jump off of my front porch. It’s like it’s trying to get back into my face.

I’m not sure how cute it is, but it’s cute. I always thought it looked like it had a pointy nose and was about as tall as those stupid potted plants and it was just a pretty, soft toy.

The tiny bat might look cute, but I’m afraid to believe in this cute little creature. It’s probably just some kind of alien bug. It just doesn’t seem like it is really trying to make a home in your house, so I’m a little sceptical.



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