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A subcomandante is a senior member of the Mexican army, usually a soldier or policeman. He or she is the commander of the army, usually responsible for the discipline of the soldiers. The subcomandante is the one in charge of the military but is also accountable for the soldiers, who are always in need of food, clothing, and medical care. In Mexico, subcomandantes are responsible for protecting all the soldiers, and in some cases, the entire nation.

That seems like a fair point, but they are not necessarily the best choice as a commander. The Mexican government was established in the 19th century and the army grew up around it. The officers in charge of the soldiers were also the most powerful people in their region. This caused a lot of friction between the officers and the soldiers and the subcomandantes were there to smooth things over.

In some cases, a subcomandante is a very effective leader. The Mexican Army was one of the first to use the subcomandante system, although it wasn’t very well understood until the 1980s.

The subcomandante was a mainstay of the Mexican army during the late 19th century, and the military system has evolved with time. It’s mostly used in the form of the Mexican Army, but the subcomandante system has been around since the early 20th century and is still used. It was the most popular system in the 19th century.

Subcomandantes have been around since the late 19th century, and the Mexican Army has used them as a mainstay of the military for over 100 years. Their purpose is to allow the Mexican Army to function under the command of an individual. This allows the army to be more efficient and effective, so it is a mainstay part of the Mexican Army.

The subcomandante system is still used in the Mexican Army, but most of the officers who are in command of a group of soldiers are subcomandantes. In the United States the United States Army uses the same system as the Mexican Army, but has very different officers.

A subcomandante is just as much of an officer as a regular officer. The difference is that the subcomandante is a “junior officer” (sometimes referred to as a “cadet”) who is in command of a smaller group of soldiers and who is responsible for the actions of the soldiers in his command.

The subcomandante is usually a captain or a colonel in the Mexican Army, but there are more of them in the United States Army than in the Mexican Army. In the Mexican Army, a subcomandante is an officer who’s in charge of a group of soldiers, usually under the direct command of a major. Whereas in the United States Army, a subcomandante is an officer who’s in charge of a small group of soldiers under the command of a lieutenant.

When the U.S. Army was reorganizing under the new system, each division was given its own subcomandante, which was usually a captain. Once the Mexican Army came up with a new system, it asked each subcomandante to choose for a new system which one he liked best. At the time of our interview, the subcomandante had already chosen to go with the more professional system.

Subcomandantes have a very important role in the military, and we are glad to see that they are making a difference on the battlefield. Subcomandantes are in charge of small groups of soldiers who are assigned to particular locations. For instance, for our interview we were talking about a subcomandante that was in charge of a group of soldiers who were about to be attached to a military base.



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