15 Up-and-Coming tailbans Bloggers You Need to Watch


The one thing that I am most fond of when it comes to tailbans, is that many of them are made of sturdy leather, and the rest of the time, I just roll up my pants leg and put the pants on over my shoes. No, I don’t mind when I’m wearing them, but when I’m not, I like the comfort factor of them.

I’m not talking about the ones that you can tie over your shoes, rather the simple ones that you can grab and put on your feet. Whether you choose to wear your pants like that or just roll up your pants, you just never know…

So, I’ve been using them for so long, I actually like to use them on occasion, like when I’m walking around in public. They provide a nice, solid and steady option to put my pants on. The only drawback is that they’re way too big for me.

As you may have guessed, the tails actually cause a few people to freak out. There’s a lot of talk about how they’re too big for you and you can’t wear them.

I think it comes down to style. If you like to wear your pants like that, it doesnt matter much if theyre big enough. If you like to wear your pants a little bit wider and a little bit lower than that, it only matters if you can manage a pair on you. Now, I dont think I can manage on me as I have small feet.

I think theyre way too big for me, but I think I could manage them on my boyfriend. He has a few inches more height than me.

I have a pair of those. They look fine on me, but I dont know if I like them or not.

A lot of tailgaters, most likely, have something they like in pants. A lot of us would agree that pants should be tight enough to prevent us from falling out, but not so tight that they make us feel like we cant even breathe. But some of us are taller than most, so that kind of tightness doesn’t apply to us. We have to find our own balance. And most importantly, we have to find our own style.

If you’re a pants-wearing tailgater, just get a couple more pairs. I know I could never do this without help, but I’d look awesome, so I’ll help. And this is just the beginning. I’ll probably write more about this soon.



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