20 Questions You Should Always Ask About unani medicines Before Buying It


The word unani comes from the Sanskrit word unar (“without”) and it’s meaning is “without the power of thought”. Unani is the “without thinking” medicine. This means to be without the need to think, to be without a mind.

According to Dr. John Lidofsky, unani medicines are the kind of medicines that can be used by people in a state of complete ignorance, such as deaf or blind people, and for the same reason. The medicine is to be used as a method of forgetting the external world, so that the internal world can take over. It’s the perfect cure for depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Dr. Lidofsky is one of the world’s leading experts in the use of unani medicines, and he explains the benefits of using unani as a way of keeping the mind blank. As he says, “The more you forget, the better you get.

And this is in general a good idea. Forgetting about what is external to you is important when you have no idea what you are doing. For example, most of us aren’t even aware that we’re getting sick, and when we notice it, we don’t get checked into the hospital. It takes a little more than a day or two after noticing to realize we have an illness.

The same goes for forgetting about how we are suffering from an illness. Sometimes we realize we are suffering from something and we have to stop doing things to stop it from further multiplying. Our bodies are full of toxins. We need to rest, replenish, and detox. Once we know we are suffering from something, then we need to stop doing it so we can heal.

We are not immune to illness, we just need to let the illness heal on its own. It is much easier to accept that we have a problem and we need to change.

As it turns out, unani medicines are a very effective way to keep you out of the hospital, and in the best of ways, they also help with detox. You can be in the hospital and in need of detoxing, but the detox makes it much easier to get better. You’ll also be able to take your unani medicines while you are in the hospital with you.

One of the best ways to detox is by adding unani medicines to your diet. Unani medicines are a form of natural medicine and are very effective at keeping our bodies healthy. For example, the unani medicines used in my own detox are: Astragalus root (which is also a tonic for our liver), Siberian ginseng, and chamomile.

All in all, the unani medicines we get from drug companies are almost all the same as the unani medicines we have from the manufacturer of the drugs we take. This doesn’t mean they don’t work as well in our house, and the unani medicines we get from the drug companies are more effective than the unani medicines we use in our home.

This is very good news! One thing I learned from my own experience is that even if the unani medicine we are taking is effective, it will eventually cause our liver to become less efficient and it will produce more alcohol. The unani medicines I take in my own home produce about half the amount of alcohol I would get from the unani medicines I take in a drug company.



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